Wizio Bundles - Quantity Breaks
May 18, 2023

How to create a quantity breaks bundle on shopify store ?

Are you looking forward to create an offer for your shopify store product ?

Do you want to setup a Buy 3 Get 1 Free, Buy 2 Get 1 Free, BOGO, Buy 2 Get 10% Off like offers for your shopify store ?

You can achieve it using Wizio Bundle: Quantity Breaks app available on Shopify app store.

Once you install the app, follow the steps given below 👇

  1. Click on Bundles menu given in left hand side bar of the app, then Create Bundle

  2. Find the bundle type you want to create. Here we will proceed with Quantity Bundle.

  3. with First step, fill the information to display as bundle heading and to attract customers 🙂
    then click Next.

  4. On next step, Choose the target product for which you want to display bundle.
    Specific Product – select single or few products for which you want to create this bundle
    Specific Collection – choose this if you want to show bundle for all products available in a collection
    All Products – display bundle for all products available in your store

  5. Select the product which you want to display in offer bundle, on the product detail page of selected product in previous step.

  6. Select Discount Type, percentage or fixed amount. Here will take example of percentage discount

  7. Now, add quantity breaks to display different offers with different quantities as shown in preview.

    And Save.

    That’s it. 😊

If still bundle is not appearing on your storefront, Check if you have enabled app embed and added app block or not. Follow this guide.